November 1st, 2007


Храмы Бали-1: Танах-Лот изнутри

Этот пост открывает серию материалов о всемирно известном острове Бали, вокруг которого в России вертится множество мифов. Вот их-то и будем развенчивать… Заодно творя новые, но правильные… :-)

Одной из таких легенд является миф о недоступности внутреннего пространства знаменитого храма Танах-Лот ("Морской храм земли") (КАРТА)… 

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… для всех, кроме правоверных индусов. Ха! Посмотрел бы я на того, кто меня туда не пустит (хотя я и не индус)… 

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Collapse )Следующий в серии: главный храм Бали (Бесаких) - ЗДЕСЬ

UPD 09.02.11: "Не могу больше!" (с)
UPD 28.01.13: ПОЧЕМУ Я БОЛЬШЕ СЮДА НЕ ЕЗДЕЦ (Tanah Lot was visited by 2, 57 million tourists from January to December 2012.) 
UPD 4.4.11: Как все это организовано (ИСТОЧНИК):
The beach area surround the iconic Tanah Lot Temple in Bali is visited by an estimated 2.1 million tourists every year. Hundreds of traders and stand-holders sell their merchandise to visitors.
In 2010 admissions and fees from the operation of Tanah Lot produced Rp. 18 billion (US$2 million) in revenues netting an income of Rp. 12 billion (US$1.3 million). The lion's share of the this income is disbursed to the regional government of Tabanan.
According to Bisnis Bali, 55% of the income or Rp. 6 billion (US$666,000) is distributed to the Tabanan government, 20% or Rp. 2 billion (US$222,000) is given to the village of Beraban, 15% or Rp. 1.8 billion (US$200,000) is retained by the tourism sites current operator CV Ari Jasa Wisata, 5 % or Rp. 900 million (US$100,000) is divided among 8 religious temples surrounding Tanah Lot and the remaining 5% to 22 village units in the Kediri district.
Calls from local community members for control of the Tanah Lot Tourism Area is based on the the region's 2001 law on traditional villages.
The Youth Congress of Beraban Village is accusing the regency's administration of being "late and less than serious" in naming the future operators of Tanah Lot after the expiration of the current management contract with CV Ari Jasa Wisata that expired on April 1, 2011. Members of the Congress are also blaming the current protests and growing danger of horizontal conflict within the community on the Tabanan administration's failure to deal with the tourist object's future management.
The 6.5 hectare tourism area is comprised of a 4.5 hectare plot owned by village as "temple lands" and the remaining 3 hectares held by the Tabanan government.